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Venture Out Vegas

Hiking and Kayaking near Las Vegas, Nevada


Adventure Tours from Vegas




The Emerald Cave is located on the Arizona side of the river. Nestled like a hidden treasure in the heart of the Las Vegas landscape. Venture inside, and a world of wonder unfolds.




With the most beautiful scenery the great outdoors of Nevada has to offer, let our professional guides take you away from the Las Vegas strip and bring you to unforgettable views!




Imagine launching from right under the Hoover Dam, it’s definitely one of the best Dam tours you will ever do! With hot springs, the Dam, and so much more on a 12-mile one-way kayak trip, be sure to bring your A-game!

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The Fabulous Outdoors: THE BEST YOU'LL MAKE

The Venture Out Vegas tour guides will help you unplug from the strip and connect with nature in a whole new Vegas experience! Here, you’ll explore Nevada, push your limits and feel a sense of empowerment.

a person swimming in the water with a mountain in the background
a woman swimming in the water
a close up of a hillside next to a body of water
a man sitting on a raft in a body of water
Hoover Dam over a body of water with a mountain in the background
a small boat in a body of water with a mountain in the background


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What’s up you guys, welcome back to Venture Out Vegas! I’m really excited about today’s article, we’re gonna be going over the Top 7 Picturesque places that you can go while you’re hanging out here in Las Vegas. Well of course, you got the Vegas sign, you’ve got the showgirls, you have the highball, you…

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Unforgettable Kayak and Hiking Adventures in Las Vegas!

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Birthday fun!

Great day out of traveling with family or teens. My daughter loved it! Didn’t take long to get there. We saw goats in the mountains. Ducks swam besides us. Lunch was included.

– Tu Blessed, Tripadvisor
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Worth every penny!

We had a small group that made it more personal experience. Blair pointed out historical areas and facts.

– Deanna B, Tripadvisor
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Door to door service was great. Blair and Christine will look after you and ensure you have a great experience. They went above and beyond.

– Paul K, Tripadvisor
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Alex and Dee go kayaking!

This was our first time kayaking. Blair, our tour guide, really made it fun and safe. We took some great photos and made forever memories. I can’t wait to do it again.

– Alex G, Tripadvisor
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Amazing Tour!

Blair was the best tour guide you could ask for. It was an incredibly fun day with beautiful views.

– Buddy B, Tripadvisor

Breathe Easy

Staying at a hotel on the strip? We’ll come and pick you up! We’ve thought ahead and mapped out the logistical details that are important to you so you won’t have to. Our goal is to help you relax and have fun connecting with nature.