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The Top 7 Spots For Incredible Pictures In Las Vegas

Valley of fire

What’s up you guys, welcome back to Venture Out Vegas! I’m really excited about today’s article, we’re gonna be going over the Top 7 Picturesque places that you can go while you’re hanging out here in Las Vegas. Well of course, you got the Vegas sign, you’ve got the showgirls, you have the highball, you have the Bellagio fountains, you have all of that but what I am talking about is taking you deeper and going in and getting some nature photos!

We’re gonna start in reverse order.

a sign on the side of a mountain

Number 7: Valley of Fire. Valley of Fire is really awesome! Everything you go to there, you’re gonna get amazing pictures.

Number 6: Sand Hollow. This one is actually in Utah, only about an hour and 15 minutes away from Las Vegas. The water is a bright green color, the sand dunes are bright orange color and it makes for some awesome photos!

a person wearing a costume

Number 5: Antelope Canyon. It’s absolutely incredible out there! When the sun hits the slot canyons perfectly it leaves a bright red color, making it look like fire.

Number 4: The Narrows in Zion National Park. What a fun experience! Okay, imagine you’re walking in water that’s about knee-high depending on the water level. And, if they have you gotten any rain the water is crystal clear; you’re going to get some incredible photos. Now, if just recently rained it is a bright brown color. Walking through that, you don’t know where the rocks are so please be careful!

Number 3: Havasupai. This is a truly awesome spot! It’s absolutely incredible to get to but it’s very difficult to. It’s not strenuous per se, but to get the permits, that’s where the difficulty lies.

a canyon with a mountain in the background

Number 2: Red Rock National Conservation Area. Wow, this holds dear to my heart; I really love it out here! This is one of the spots that actually made me appreciate Las Vegas for its entirety. All I knew of at the time was the Vegas strip, but then when one of my friends took me there; I fell in love! And ever since then, I’ve been exploring the sun sets and the sunrises. In some spots you can actually get an awesome overlook above the city strip.

a young boy sitting on a rock

Number 1: Emerald Cave. How incredible is this!? So, we take you to Willow Beach, we launche off and two miles north of that launch point you’re gonna come into an old cave. When the Sun is hitting it just right you get this bright green color, hence the name.

We have some great things out of here! As always, if you have any questions please contact us anytime at 702-93-Kayak or on our website at Thank you have a great!

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