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From Casinos to Canyons: Crafting Your Ultimate Las Vegas Adventure

Step into the wild side of Las Vegas and explore its hidden canyons! These natural wonders provide a special getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you’re an experienced  hiker or a casual adventurer, there’s a canyon for everyone in Las Vegas. Check out the top 5 canyons in Las Vegas for an amazing adventure:


Kyle Canyon

Kyle Canyon Picnic Area is a first-come, first-served day-use area with 25 picnic spots along the Kyle Canyon wash. It offers an outstanding scenic drive, plenty of hiking paths, and stunning views of the Spring Mountains. The picnic area is open seasonally during the summer, and if the weather permits, into the winter for snow play.

a sign on the side of a tree

Ice Box Canyon

This canyon is a part of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and is great for hiking. If you love the outdoors, the park is a must-see destination in the Las Vegas area. There are a variety of hikes to choose from inside the park, generally regarded as routes that require some difficulty. You’ll probably come across other people while exploring because this is a very popular place for running, walking, and hiking. The months from October to May are the ideal times to hike this trail. Dogs are permitted but must be leashed.

a rocky mountain

Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs

Unwind by enjoying the hot springs along the trail outside Historic Boulder City, which is around an hour away from the Las Vegas Strip. The trail goes down about 600 feet into a remarkably picturesque canyon, offering the chance to experience rejuvenating hot springs. 


However, reaching these hot springs requires being ready for some challenging hiking techniques, like climbing and using fixed ropes. These ropes are intertwined among massive boulders resembling houses.

a large waterfall over a rocky cliff

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The first National Conservation Area in Nevada is called Red Rock Canyon. It’s a stunning place to see the beauty of the Mojave Desert. The cliffs are made of red and cream sandstone and look amazing. You can climb the steep rock walls, walk on old sand dunes, go between the rocks, or just enjoy the views from the road. 


Red Rock Canyon is on Charleston Boulevard/State Route 159, 17 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip. There are many hiking paths and a 13-mile drive to see the cool rock formations. You can do a one-way drive, hike, see wildlife, explore rocks, camp, learn about history, and more.

a canyon with Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in the background

Hoover Dam Bypass

This dam stands as an engineering marvel, renowned for its achievement. This bridge holds the title of the world’s tallest concrete arch bridge, stretching 2,000 feet across the Colorado River canyon. It also provides views of the surrounding desert and even the distant Las Vegas Strip.

If you are looking for a unique and memorable experience, then the Hoover Dam is a great choice!  This engineering marvel stands as a significant historical landmark and draws millions of visitors each year. You won’t be disappointed.

a long bridge over a body of water

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now with Venture Out Vegas and start planning your adventure today! Experience the wild side of Las Vegas!

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