Frequently Asked Questions

Remember although you are in Las Vegas, being that our adventures are in canyons, rivers, and possibly higher elevations, please dress appropriately and according to the weather. The best advice we can suggest at Venture Out Vegas is for you and your family/friends is to wear layers. You can always take off if you are too hot, but if you are cold and don’t have additional clothing, it could make for an uncomfortable experience. Especially since there is plenty of dry storage in all the kayaks / daypacks for the hikers.

More so than anything we want you to enjoy these amazing trips, and this starts with you and how you plan ahead. Summer months are brutally hot, but with the water at Black Canyon at a chilling, yet refreshing 52-54 degrees this makes for excellent “jumping in the water” conditions. Please, stay away from cotton. Best thing is to check the weather for the location tour you have chosen. Dress accordingly to the weather.

– Water Shoes or shoes you can walk (hike) in and don’t mind getting wet

– Quick-drying Shorts / Pants

– Non-Cotton, Wicking Shirts / Long Sleeve Rash Guard

– Windbreaker is recommended

– Sunglasses

– Hat or Beanie (for the winter months)

– Lip Balm

*Summer and Winter months are drastically different, please plan accordingly. Guides typically carry extra garments, but this is not guaranteed.*

You won’t be the first to do this tour that can’t swim. In fact we had a gentlemen scared of the water. With the patience and expertise of our guides, we were able to have him thoroughly enjoy the tour, and has since become a frequent guest. It is also mandatory for guests partaking in this epic tour to wear life jackets. We do ask you to notify Venture Out Vegas ahead of time if you can’t swim or are scared of the water so we can plan accordingly to make sure you have the time of your life!

The most obvious- An Epic Time! Outside of that it does include, Complimentary Shuttle Service to and from your hotels, water, snacks, kayaks, paddles, life vests, and an awesome guide to complete your experience.

Venture Out Vegas supports the safety of what the National Park Rangers have implemented and every guest must abide by the rules set in place. There is a fine if you are busted without one, and this will make Venture Out Vegas look bad- and we will not stand for that. So to alleviate the headaches of life vests not fitting, Venture Out Vegas has a wide selection of life vests from the top brands- O’Neill, Connelly, Maui & Son’s, Stearn’s, even Disney for the little ones! Also, after every single tour the life vests, are hand washed, sanitized, and inspected, leaving all our gear smelling fresh!

With only 45 permits issued on a daily basis, it is truly a remarkable trip if you are able to jump in on this tour! If we are able to get you a permit, make sure your first and last names are spelled perfectly when booking and it matches your ID! REMINDER: DONT FORGET YOUR ID!!! If you forget your ID you won’t be able to partake in this activity! 

For the convenience of you experience, Venture Out Vegas uses touring kayaks. That means sit inside kayaks. This makes your day as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to partake. We have had 275-330 pound guests before, but not everyones weight is distributed the same. Attached is the largest cockpit kayak we utilize. Any questions please feel free to reach out. If for safety reasons we are unable to take you, we will try to cater to another activity for you/your group.

Great question and we will send a confirmation text/email no later than 6:30 pm (PST) the night before with your exact pick-up time, and where exactly to meet your driver! 😀