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Things to do in Las Vegas

a view of a city at night in Las Vegas

Were you wondering about things to do in vegas? Are the casino’s eating all your money? I’ve been there, and it isn’t a fun feeling. Even losing $20 can hurt your soul. Let’s take a look at one of our guides inside views on how to spend your time in Las Vegas.

There is nothing better than hitting the trails, whether land or water. Let’s get you away from the Las Vegas Strip, where the smoke infested casinos can eat away at you and let us get you into beautiful nature. Vegas has some of the most amazing scenery. Most people when they here Vegas is the Las Vegas strip, but there is so much to do! So what are some ways to get out and explore? Some ways to experience the real Vegas are Hiking, Kayaking, Biking, and even just hanging out at the beach. Of course, by the beach, I do mean the beaches at Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

a man standing on a rocky hill

1. Hiking. You could take a whole day to explore the Hoover Dam, and there is even an awesome hiking trail that leads you directly there- Historical Railroad Trail. It’s a very easy trail, but if you go from the trailhead to all the way to the Dam, it is 7.5 miles roundtrip! Is this not enough of a challenge for you? if you want to do a more moderate trail, well White Owl Canyon is another awesome trail at Lake Mead. Imagine slot canyons on either side of you while hiking, and make sure to keep your eyes open for owls. Or do you need an advanced hiking trail? How about Goldstrike Hot Springs! A shock to all, we have water sources all throughout Las Vegas, and the hot springs are one of them! When you hear of hiking in Vegas, the only spot that comes to mind is to hike in Red Rock Canyon. Although Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is magnificent and will truly take your breath away. There are so many places to hike in Nevada with so many National Parks and State Parks (Valley of Fire). But we can spend all day talking about hiking, the rock formations, but contact us for an epic hike or your local visitor center. If not hiking, which we have tons of amazing spots, why not kayaking?

a young boy sitting on a rock

2. Kayaking. Although we don’t have whitewater kayaking, we do have some amazing spots for basic paddling! We can take you to some of the most beautiful locations, including Emerald Cave/ Emerald Cove! Such a cool spot but when the sun illuminates the water and the cave in unison, it is absolutely breathtaking. Or we can talk to you about the aspects of some of the Historical Places we will see. Such as the river gaugers home right along the side of the Colorado River! Or if Emerald Cave tour isn’t strenuous enough at 4 to 5 miles round trip, why not try our 12 mile Hoover Dam tour. We launch you right at the dam, and you get a chance to see hot springs all day! We are right near that bridge near Hoover Dam- the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. This bridge is an arch bridge in the United States that spans the Colorado River between the states of Arizona and Nevada. Let us get you on a tour through Black Canyon, and have memories to last a lifetime! So jump in on one of our guided tours, and we will be sure to rock your socks off!!!

a person riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

3. Biking. Boulder City has some amazing mountain biking at Bootleg Canyon. Some of the trails are easy, some are black diamonds, and be tough! But no worries, the guys at All Mountain Cyclery will take good care of you. Also, during the summer months, you can bike at Mount Charleston, a bit cooler temperatures. During the spring make sure you check out Mary Jane falls, another awesome hike once you are done biking! But when it hits wintertime, you won’t be able to bike at Mt.Charleston, because it will be covered in snow.

4. Skiing. Yes, you can experience snow while visiting Las Vegas and this comes to a shock for many. There is so much snow, that you can actually go snowboarding, skiing, and even tubing. I do recommend checking this spot out if you are here during wintertime. You can even stay at Mt. Charleston Lodge. They do have some spectacular deals!

5. Things to Do on rainy days. What better way to spend a rainy then to see how organized crime was the foundation of Las Vegas at the Mob Museum? Did I mention there was a speakeasy? Vegas is filled with speakeasy-style bars, but how to find them is a better question… Or you could just ask a Vegas local- or you can ask me… your local tour guide! Linq Promenade. Of course, some other things do include the high roller at the Linq. Imagine a giant 550-foot tall, 520-foot diameter on the Las Vegas Strip in between Flamingo hotel and The Linq. Did I mention the new zip line they just installed as well? This spot has it all.

6. Headz Up. Is it rainy, yet you want to do something active? Why not check out Headz Up. It’s only a couple minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, and they have tons to do. If you want something more relaxing they have an entire room full of “trick art”. Or if you want something more active with your friends… Try out Archery tag! Shooting bow and arrows (soft tip) at each other. It reminds me of paintball with arrows! Or you can just knock out some amazing escape rooms.

7. Food. Vegas has some of the best food in the world. With top chefs from all over the world, even celebrity chefs at most of the hotels. Some of our favorite restaurants off the strip…

  1. Italian- Bootleggers. Imagine one of the first established Italian restaurants in Vegas. It still has that old school mob feel to it. It’s stayed in the family and the Great Grandson still greets guests to this day! Make sure you get there Lasagna.
  2. BBQ- Jessie Rae’s BBQ. WoW! We were in Texas and went to all the BBQ spots and were in awe. When we got back to Vegas we stumbled upon this spot… and boy oh boy was it better than Texas! This spot will not disappoint. Don’t forget to get the Fortress of KNight! There is a reason they continually win Best of Las Vegas.
  3. Indian- Mt. Everest Indian has the best lunch buffet you will ever have! I have traveled all over the world and my comfort food is Indian. Nothing compares! Don’t forget to get there Garlic NAAN.
  4. Pizza- Secret Pizza. It’s a secret so I can’t say anymore. (Inside Cosmo hotel… shh)

8. Of course, Vegas is known for its shows! We have concerts, Hockey Games, Cirque shows, Comedy, Magic and so much more! There is only one site I use to get my tickets!

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